Our school provides opportunities for students, staff and parents to know and celebrate their Catholic faith. This is done through the religious life of our school. Members of our community experience a rich liturgical and prayer life, celebration of the Sacraments, faith formation, social outreach activities, and opportunities to share faith with each other and with youth from other schools in the Archdiocese.

Our school motto, ‘Nurture, Empower, Achieve’, underpins our school-wide pedagogy and is the basis to the educational life at St Brendan’s Catholic Primary School Central Bankstown.

Dear Jesus,

Help me today at school to show respect to all those who work with me,
to do my best in class and to play fairly with my friends.
Help me to make this a happy day for all those I meet,
as I live out Mary MacKillop’s message of love.
Thank you for parents who look after me,
friends who play with me and teachers who are patient with me.

We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen

Many hearts, many places, in God we are one
In seeing the need and answering with love
We journey together, in God’s footsteps we walk
Here at St Brendan’s, we are one… all for God

 1. Believe in the whisperings of God in our heart
With hands joined in prayer, we hear God’s call
May we grow strong, be not be afraid
With the Spirit in our hearts may we live in faith

2. See the beauty of God in our world and each other
Respect for creation, for our sisters and brothers
May our hands reach up to achieve all we can be
God lives in us all, in you and in me

3. Love one another, let charity guide
Hand joins with hand, we walk side by side
Nurtured in love, lighting the way
Heart joins with heart, all our lives all our days

4. See the hand of God in all that is done
May our hands reach out in justice and love
Empowered by the Spirit, with courage in our hearts
All gifted, all blessed, we are God’s work of art
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