Student Representative Council (SRC)

Students in Year One to Six are given the opportunity to develop leadership skills through their participation in the Student Representative Council (SRC). They are involved in the decision making process for improvement to the school. They work with teachers to develop the schools understanding of the Habits of Mind and organise and lead school prayer. The SRC is the voice of the students.

Environmental Stewardship

2020 was the United Nations International Year of Plant Health (IYPH). As a school focus, Environmental Warriors from each class took leadership in working with students to develop their understanding of stewardship of the Earth.

This included developing programs and activities about recycling, veggie gardening, worm farms and other initiatives that the students wish to develop.

This helped the students to realise that we have a responsibility for our world and what happens to it. With this, we are also involved in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program an will continue to involve ourselves in similar causes.